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This Is Us: All Of Jack’s Death Theories Ranked

By Jane Claymore / Published on Wednesday, 13 Sep 2017 08:12 AM / No Comments / 11 views

Season one of This Is Us threw a lot of twists and turns at audiences, but one of the biggest and most heartbreaking was when it was revealed Jack Pearson is dead in the present. Afterwards it was then also revealed that his wife Rebecca is now married to his best friend Miguel, and immediately fans were hard at work trying to figure out the mystery around Jack’s death and how he died. Now, the theories of his death have ranged from plausible to completely wild, and it seems fans will finally learn the truth in season two! Ahead of finally finding out exactly what happened on the new season of This Is Us, here are all of the theories about his death ranked:

8. Kate Kills Him

Out of all of the theories that have surfaced, this is the one that has gained the least ground from fans. In season one Kate said it was her fault her dad was dead, so many took that literally and started presuming she killed her father albeit accidentally. At the time the show seemed to be leading up to Jack being involved in a drunk driving accident and many theorized that Kate asked him to come pick her up somewhere and, not wanting to let her down, he drove drunk to get her and died in an accident on the way. That isn’t what ends up happening of course and while Kate’s extreme guilt and “It’s my fault” statement might mean she is inadvertently tied to his death, it isn’t likely she killed him accidentally or otherwise.

(Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

7. Miguel Kills Him

Another theory that doesn’t really make sense, and is probably very far from what actually happens to Jack, is the one suggesting that Miguel kills him on purpose. According to the theory, while Miguel is putting on the front of the best friend, he is actually secretly in love with Rebecca and jealous of Rebecca and Jack’s relationship so he plans Jack’s demise. The whole theory began after a joke made by producer Glenn Ficarra at the PaleyFest panel for the show, and is in fact just a joke. To cement the fact that this is definitely not what happens, even Milo Ventimigilia joked that this was his favorite theory so far about Jack’s death.

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